The economics of fishing for herring in San Franciso Bay

$250,000 cost of new boat
$5,000 trucking boat round trip from and back to Bellingham
$1,000 putting boat in and out of the water
$1,200 nets
$1,300 non-resident permit and license
??? fuel and everything else
taken from Lito Brindle's article in the "Sausalito Marin Scope" Feb 8-14, 2005
After several dissapointing years the California Department of Fish and Game proposed closing the fishery for the 2003-4 season to allow the herring population to increase. However, in responce to pressure from fishermen, the total limit was merely reduced to 2,200 tons. The herring number appeared to improve that year so the limit was increased to 3,440 tons for 2004-5, however as of the middle of February only 65 tons have been caught.