To find which printing you have, look above the "ISBN " number on the reverse side of the cover page. The known errors were corrected in the 2nd printing.

Errors and omissions in the 1st printing of Life on the Dock

20 Oct 2011: On page 2 of "Life on the Dock" you are instructed to go to [] to find comments and additions. When you go there you will find a list of files, and the correct file to select is: dockbook.html. The book should have stated to go to: [], then you would get there in one step.

20 Oct 2011: On page 149 of the book I give a reference to: "Kozloff, 1996. Marine Invertebrates of the Pacific Northwest". That is indeed a great source of information, but a far better one to have cited would have been: "Kozloff, 1983. Seashore Life of the Northern Pacific Coast. An Illustrated Guide to Nothern California, Oregon, Washington, and British Columbia". This book is far more suited to the amatuer biologist. In particular, note Chapter 3, "On and Around Floating Docks and Pilings", for just the animals and plants described in Life on the Dock. Kozloff is a Professor of Zoology at the University of Washington (Seattle) and his emphasis in on the Northern areas. However, he has extended his reach to central California. Unfortionately the book shows the cost imposed limitation of print technology. Many of the figures are black and white line drawings. There are good color photographs of many organisms, but they are clumped in a few sections of the book. The result is that you spend a lot of time searching through pages to find the images described in the text. Unless you are really dedicated, you just skip the pictures. I specifically structured "Life on the Dock" to put images next to the text, using a two column format. However, that adds printing cost. You get what you pay for.

2 Nov 2011: (thanks to Prof. Sarah Cohen, Romberg Tiburon Center for Environmental Studies)
pg 42, bryozoan arms are usually called tentacles.
pg 43, top image: the animals may just be withdrawn within their chambers instead of being dead.
pg 75, top and bottom images are of the genus Styela, not Pyura.
pg 76, top image is likely to be of Distaplia occidnetalis.
pg 76, bottom image and pg 77 top is likely to be Diplosoma sp.

20 Mar 2012: (thanks to Franz Neidl, Formia, Italy)
pgs 44, 45: The animals described here are Stentors, not rotiters. See the essay for April for details.
pg 124: Coelenterata (not Coenenterata); Platyhelminthes (not Platyhelementhes); Craniata (not Craninata).
pg 125: Coelomates (not Coelmates).

Errors and omissions in the 2nd printing of Life on the Dock

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