The animal above is a copepod,
  and they really do swim like this;

but who is Science Is Art?

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Science Is Art


 •Art on the Dock.

Math and physics
 • Information- bits, codons, and DNA.
 • Einstein explains diffusion.
 • Fitting data to models- e.g. pharmacokinetics.
 • The world is an average.

 • Current fronts.
 • The currents in San Francisco Bay.
 • Ocean tides.
 • Wind generated waves.

 • The structure of DNA.
 • DNA detection- the polymerase chain reaction.
 • Stretching DNA- a computer implemented simulation.

Marine biology
 • My book "Life on the Dock", you can buy it on Amazon.
 • Food chains and nets.
 • The fish swim bladder.
 • The Herring Chronicles.
 • Tunicate posters.
 • My research publications on tunicates.